Pick up the PACE this summer by signing up for an exciting camp at Pacific Academy.  We are ecstatic to offer over 50 courses this summer for you to choose from! You will be thrilled with the variety and areas of expertise this year!

PACE Course Selection Steps
Here is some practical advice on how to effectively use the PACE website:

  1. COURSE OVERVIEW: To efficiently plan your summer courses, click on the COURSE OVERVIEW PDF link. It might be helpful to print it off and use it as your planning page. This will allow you to see everything at a glance: the course titles, the recommended grades for each course, and the dates/times for when each course is offered.

  2. WEBSITE NAVIGATING: As you read each course title on your Course Overview sheet and want to know the details of the course, click on the grade of your child and click again on the corresponding course title found on the left side below summer camps. This will allow you to choose each course according to date and grade.

  3. REGISTER: Once you know your summer plan, by using the Course Overview Sheet and the PACE website, registering is very easy and can be done online by clicking on the REGISTER NOW button.