Welcome to After-school program! We are thrilled with the opportunity to grow in our programs here at Pacific Academy, but as we do this we want to pursue a number of different values that are important to our program. Here are a few of our values:

Build Community

Being part of a club allows kids to get to know each other in a different setting other than the classroom. Friendships are so important in a child’s life, especially as they approach their Middle School years, so we want to connect kids with a common bond of sports. PACE also brings the parents together and creates a strong sense of community among Pacific Academy families.

Develop Character

As part of the PACE instruction time, there will be an emphasis on building character. We want the athletes to learn what it means to do your best, be respectful, enjoy hard work, become mentally tough, practice discipline and many other important life lessons.

Create Success

There is no secret to being talented at something – it just takes practice. We want to teach the fundamentals of our core sports, basketball and volleyball; so that our athletes will already have a strong foundation by the time they arrive in the Middle School. PACE is committed to hiring high level coaches, with many years of coaching experience, so your children receive a great start in athletics.

Enjoy Being Active

With a decline in health in Canada, we want to stress to our kids how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle. The best way to keep kids involved is for them to find something active that they thoroughly enjoy doing. Of course, the athletes will learn important athletic skills, but we want them to have fun at the same time!

Glorify God

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of developing the complete athlete is giving God all of the glory. God has asked us to use our gifts to praise him, so we want our children to truly understand that every talent is from God and should be used for God! This is why all of our shirts say “I play for I AM”.