Taleshia Patterson

Miss Taleshia has loved dancing from the moment she set foot in a dance studio. She started ballet at the age of five and at the age of eight danced in the Royal City Youth Ballet Nutcracker production. She was eager to expand her horizons of dance to tap, then Irish dance, and a bit of Jazz. When she was twelve she joined a competitive ballet team and then went on to train under the Royal Academy of Dance and completed several exams. She has been taught through a variety of teaching styles with experienced teachers and is eager to apply what she’s observed in her classes. She has fond memories of dance class as well as recalling some boring moments and with this understanding, she hopes to create a class that inspires dancers to do their personal best, and most importantly, enjoy their experiences. Miss Taleshia believes that classes should be fun, and challenging, and she aims to light a spark of creativity in her students to spur on their exploration of dance.